Stefanie Gartmann
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Who I Am.

I am Stefanie.
I am a passionate Directing DOP.
I am always willing to go the extra mile.
I am more than my time.
I am your partner in crime.

I am a Cinematographer/DOP. But, depending on the project I am also a Directing DOP and a Camera Operator. I studied Cinematography at the University of Applied Science and Art in Dortmund. I developed a strong passion for telling stories in moving pictures. I love working with people. Be it clients, agencies, actors, directors. When I am behind my camera I connect with the people in front of my camera. I sense what actors need to open up and be comfortable. That‘s when I get better, and that‘s when they get better. I am always curious about and open for new ideas. It doesn‘t matter if they come from me or somebody else. Because in the end, it‘s all about making the best job possible.